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May 22nd, 2007, 06:24
Oblivion so high on the list and before those other true and proven classics is an insult to RPGers everywhere!

Morrowind the only RPG in the top 10? Sad.
As much as I love Morrowind, BG 2 should be in the top 10 instead.
And I can't believe PS:T is so low on the list, even below NWN!
And KOTOR ahead of BG 2, Ultima VII AND PS: T?????
Not one Wizardy title? Or Gold Box AD & D?
What's this world coming to?

Hard to get every genre covered but it's dissappointing that there are only 2 RPGs in the Top 20 especially when you consider some of the titles included (Pro Evolution Soccer???, Psychonauts???, Carmageddon??, FFVII?? (fine for a console list though), "N"????? )

And I love Deus Ex but I don't think of it as an RPG.

Oh well. Darn lists.
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