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May 22nd, 2007, 17:55
Originally Posted by Guhndahb View Post
Numbering seemed pointless
I agree - best to have broken the list by genre and then list alphabetically or by release year. I mean, how can you compare an RPG to an RTS to a Sports title to an Action game?

Also just realized: Arcanum and Icewind Dale are missing!!!! GAH!!!!!

Seriously though, Icewind Dale should have made that list. That game was just about PERFECT. I don't recall any bugs/technical issues, length/challenge was just right, awesome music, great graphics, replayability, terrific combat and that Severed Hand dungeon!!! Sure, it wasn't as deep as BG2 but it didn't matter, it was fun, challenging and had a decent story.

Again, can't have everything in there but KOTOR is a bit of a head scratcher - I enjoyed it being a Star Wars fan (it had a good story and great writing) but it was lacking everywhere else (way too easy even on hard difficulty, too linear, art design was bland, etc.).

If anything KOTOR 2 was a better game - while buggy and sadly "unfinished" it still improved upon KOTOR in many ways. Still, both were extremely linear, repetetive and easy.

Lists! Who needs them!
(Fun to argue about them though!)
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