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May 22nd, 2007, 19:34
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
Something like that, yeah. Sounds like Jowood didn't want to fund the patch alongside whatever "next project" they wanted PB to work on, and PB felt unable to do a patch of the scale they felt necessary without such additional funding. Which means that Jowood considers the Gothic brand damaged goods now after G3.

This will be a difficult situation for PB, and will at the very least delay the patch considerably - until they can secure funding from a new Publisher. What a mess.
Well, around X-mas 2006 (after patch 1.12) they more or less promised to pull off the patch all by themselves. There was no "if"… like "if we can raise enough money" or anything like that.

In fact, KaiRo from PB said in an interview back then…

There are always anxious people in the community asking if we have abandoned the development of patches for Gothic III. That is naturally not the case and we would betray ourselves and our past company policy if we would leave you with an unfinished game. The majority of the team is still busy working on Gothic III while only a few of us are looking into new future projects and are discussing ideas and feasibility which is already a very important thing to do since it wouldn't be good if all of the other team members would end up idling as soon as work on Gothic III has finally been completed.

Note to PB: Not only have you flat out lied in this statement but you guys have betrayed yourselves and your company policy.
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