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May 22nd, 2007, 21:04
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
As for AoD and TBH, I don't get why you'd give them a free pass (assuming you'd have to when the time comes). You want to draw a line on quality -- so draw it.
I'm willing to make an exeption for indie devs because they represent a development I want to support. (And I expect them to be less buggy than RPGs from big companys. Maybe thats wishful thinking, time will tell, but the only almost bugfree RPGs I've played in the last years are from Spiderweb. Indies are not depending on publishers so they have less pressure to release an unfinished product.)

I think there are some trends in the genre (= RPGs but not action RPGs or MMORPGs) - a few single player RPGs from big devs like Bioware and Bethesda now and then and a rise of indie devs, while developers of medium size demise. (I hope that the Witcher will be an exeption because CD Project are self financed and therefore independent from publishers like JoWood or Atari.)

The line on quality I draw is not only about how polished a game is but also about the game by itself. The big houses want to sell millions of copies and hence they have to meet the expectations of the mass market. That means shiny graphics, extensive voice acting and to avoid everything that may frustrate some potential customers. The result are streamlined games like Oblivion and these are not my kind of games. (Heh, I feel like part of a minority, someone should save us. ) After all I've heard/read G3 wasn't that bad in this regard (from my point of view), but maybe thats part of their problem, at least for the US market?
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