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May 22nd, 2007, 21:11
Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
Well, around X-mas 2006 (after patch 1.12) they more or less promised to pull off the patch all by themselves. There was no "if"… like "if we can raise enough money" or anything like that.

In fact, KaiRo from PB said in an interview back then…

There are always anxious people in the community asking if we have abandoned the development of patches for Gothic III. That is naturally not the case and we would betray ourselves and our past company policy if we would leave you with an unfinished game. The majority of the team is still busy working on Gothic III while only a few of us are looking into new future projects and are discussing ideas and feasibility which is already a very important thing to do since it wouldn't be good if all of the other team members would end up idling as soon as work on Gothic III has finally been completed.

Note to PB: Not only have you flat out lied in this statement but you guys have betrayed yourselves and your company policy.

Sorry mate - but now you´re going a bit overboard.

There´s really nothing evident in the accompanying statement you posted for the kind of bold claim you make here.

It´s easy to pull out such a judgement with the hindsight we just gained today, however (regardless of what your gut feeling might have told you beforehand already for weeks, it was not accertained knowledge).
To insinuate that PB would have had any kind of foreknowledge on how things now finally have turned out back then already when they made this statement is wild guessing and ill-spirited speculation.

If you want to accuse them of anything, you can probably bash their naivety
(s.th. in the theme of a young company with too early success, misleading them to not re-adjust in time to the bigger challenges that were to come with that, aka G3 and it's quite screwed development).

There can be no talk of "flat out lies" from side of PB in any case, though.
If anything, they probably "betrayed" themselves before anybody else.

Come on, Moe you know better than that.
Re-invoke your ambition for some more decent journalism again (at least that´s how i always received the way RPGDot/RPGWatch positioned themselves compared to other free gaming media), please.

Save of that this is of course no verdict on who´s to blame for the "G3 misery" as we have it know.
In my eyes they both screwed it up big time, each of them in their own department
(PB in the dev and their ill-fated approach to create a brandnew, untested and feature-laden engine while vastly expanding the content scale at the same time backed with an understaffed team; Jowood in the marketing and the dishonest PR when it came to handle the no longer to hide shortcomings of the release - threatening game mags into not publishing reviews that were not in their favour - brrrr!).

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