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May 23rd, 2007, 09:57
Hmm, bad news indeed. One can still hope, but to be honest it seems unlikely that we'll ever get another true Gothic game.

If another company had to do G4 I would say it should be a rather small and fairly new studio (although, they would have to be very talented of course). I think there is simply too much risk in doing a "true" Gothic game for any big or very established company to do it - they have responsibilities to their investors and employees to not burn too much money on a hard-core product that only a select few PC gamers truely enjoy. To do a true Gothic game would require a young and fresh team that isn't completely burned out by the extremely tough game business yet… a team with a passion for role-playing games and with a strong dream of doing a truely amazing game, just the way they would like to see it
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