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May 23rd, 2007, 15:40
I think the best thing Piranha Bytes could do, is releasing the patch if there is one according to the rumors I read on the official jowood forum and here in some other thread.

Now that JW and PB are split, PB is probably looking for a new publisher. But they also said that they can’t release a patch under these circumstances. I think that’s wrong. NOW is actually the best time to release the patch if of course the patch fixes the engine-related problems and bugs and add the missing content to the game, essentially fixing the game to the state where it should have been in the first place.

Now I think PB doesn’t want to release a patch because in a short-term period they gain nothing, no money or funds. They will only strengthen the “enemy” and maybe they don’t want to do that. And keep the patch as leverage over JW. Personally I don’t like if the patch was used in that manner during negotiations. We, as paying customers, deserve a patch so that we can play the game, they promised to deliver.

But if PB can indeed launch a patch then they are in much better negotiating strength then now. In negotiations I think companies will look for the things the other company can do best and assess the talent of the people working for the company and use it to see if it’s interesting for them to invest in that company. The latest project which they are going to analyze for PB is G3. At the moment it still isn’t what it should have been. Skills are missing (like masterthief, firemage, make poison, …), there are still some enginebugs and other problems.
The engine of Gothic 3 is a decent one given enough energy and PB actually build it themselves. If PB can fix all problems with the engine then they can say that the problems that haunt G3 were the fault of JW pushing them to release an unfinished product. But that they managed to fix all the bugs with the last patch (like the one they can’t release at the moment, I don’t mean patch 1.12). Then they can show off with a finished G3, stable and fun to play.

And I also like to give an idea of a possible future publisher. Maybe PB should contact Gamecock Media Group. They are a publisher who gives developers a chance to build the game that they want to build. And developers keep the rights of all their intellectual property (IP). The only thing they ask is if a developer wants to do a sequel then that sequel has to be done with Gamecock Media Group unless they don’t want to publish a sequel then the developer can go to another publisher. But the decision to make a sequel rests solely with the developers. Gamecock doesn’t decide to make sequels. I think such a publisher is something PB really needs to make games like Gothic.

And maybe someone with connections to PB could translate and relay the info to PB.

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