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May 23rd, 2007, 17:05
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
But why wouldn't Arkane make Arx 2? It's their baby!!
Because they're busy doing The Crossing. And presumably the multiple (?) sequels to Dark Messiah that were just announced? And the only context I've heard them mention it is by saying things to the effect "We'd like to do it someday."

Granted, the 360-only DM: Elements may be farmed out to someone else. It's unclear who'll be doing it.

And it's a curious response. "Hey guys! They're making Deus Ex 3, System Shock 3, Fallout 3, and Gothic 4! Isn't that great?!?" To which everyone wails and screams, "No-o-o!!!" Shouldn't we be happy? We're getting sequels to games we love. And everyone's unhappy.

Maybe they don't want to do Arx 2.
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