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May 23rd, 2007, 23:02
Of course he was, his sarcasm was very obvious unlike mine which noone seemd to pick.
Well the sarcasm was very obvious, but often people have difficulties understanding sarcasm, though seldom on this board, but in your daily social activities you easily begin to doubt whether or not they've understood the sarcasm and they become the common demoninator instead, because it is better to presume that one haven't understood the sarcasm, than that one have. It clears misunderstandings.

Though I won't be surprised if the Washington Monument takes the place of White Gold Tower and is visible from the entire gameworld. Otherwise you might get lost without a visual indicator of which way you're facing, unless there's a smiling, dancing Pipboy on screen to point the way.
When seeing these teaser art pictures they create some images in my mind that are worth an epic movie. They are really strong and just filled with prospects for Fallout 3.
But when comparing these images in my mind with Oblivion it quickly becomes frightening instead. How can this very recent game from Bethesda reflect these images. How can something this great be emulated by their game designers that created the bastard of Oblivion.

But wait the last 13 days before passing judgement. At least I'll do.
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