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May 24th, 2007, 06:05
I found this a rather interesting (if unimportant) item. You may know that with the release of the latest Fallout 3 teaser image, some NMA community members quickly identified scenes from the art as real world photos from Googie Architecture Online. Concept artist Craig Mullins has spoken about commercial art practices and the material Bethsoft originally gave him to create this piece:
Wow, I am amazed people are looking at these images so closely. At some point Bethesda may release better versions? These seem to be jpeg'd very heavily..

I would have to go back and look through what Bethesda sent me on this job, but as I remember most of the source materials on Stripmall were provided by Bethesda. I was not familiar with the Fallout universe and had trouble "getting it" at first. The capitol was painted on top of a 3-d block model.

This is commercial art, made to illustrate an idea. It is not fine art, nor is it an exposition on my abilities as delineator. Whether or not I could paint some of these objects from scratch is not relevant. What is relevant is it would take more time to do so, and that time could be spent toward the end goal of illustrating an idea or feeling. […]
More information.
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