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May 25th, 2007, 10:01
well what gets me is this.

He implies that "open/free roam" is a tired and over-used format.. When in fact it is a fairly new development in games with noteable few games actually being truely free roaming, with huge open envirnments. It is a format which is obviously a challenge to do well and there have been several failures. Compared to the linear FPS shooter genre games which are free roaming are very few and far between.

His disparagement of the free roam format is nearly criminal in my book.. Ok, review the game, give it a bad review if you see fit, but to knock ALL free roaming games is to stand in the way of progress, would he rather just play linear FPS games with rocket launchers and plasma guns? well, that's his perogative but if so he should not be reviewing this game.

He also mentioned that the graphics were good, and the combat very entertaining.. So what exactly is the problem? Oh yeah, horse gets stuck on trees.. And he simply doesn't like fantasy based, free roaming RPGs..

The other thing that bothers me is that he gave no real information as to what the game is actually like.. he said the combat is entertaining but, how does it work exactly?? Do you click on enemies like in diablo? how do you perform diferent attacks? Are there combo type attacks?

Do different pieces of armor/clothing appear individually on your character, like sleaves and gloves, etc.. or is it like in NWN wear you get a whole suit and additional items like gloves or boots have no graphical effect?

Ultimately his review answered none of my questions and it gave me plenty of cause to seriously doubt the validity of his review and ultimately forced me to disregard it in its entirety.




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