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May 25th, 2007, 16:42
Following that line of logic there is also *one* solution to most RPGs (or 2 of you go for an evil ending in some games). How you reach the end is a matter of tactics, be it flinging spells, shooting arrows or whacking with a sword.

Then again, the ship protection sequence and a few other sequences in the game (particularly a sequence when you return to Stonehelm from the Spidertemple) are indeed primarily a matter of how you kill the enemies since they either pop up in front of you or have to be put down before they reach a certain point or kill a certain person. However, in most other sequences in the game you have free reins to proceed however you like, even by bypassing many fights along the way.

Different weapons in most FPS games is merely a matter of how fast, how accurate and how much damage you dish out based on the weapon you use. A game like Deus Ex provided a very different kind of gameplay experience if you used a stealth approach rather than a direct approach. Several encounters would still render your sneaking prowess more or less useless if you planned on taking them out (e.g. Grendles, Cyborgs and robots) but other encounters could be dealt with swiftly, silently and very efficiently by using the stun prod or the tranquilizer darts.

Such diversity transcends mere different tactics in my book, but that might just be me. I remember feeling like I was playing a completely new game when trying Diablo2 as a Necromancer after having played as a Paladin. The same was true all 3 times through Dark Messiah.
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