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May 26th, 2007, 00:04
Apparently THQ didn't think the title made enough money in sales and has pulled the cash support for any further patching( sound familiar?).

Personally I thought Titan Quest was pretty mainstream, tons of good reviews, on sale at WalMart, etc…I too thought it ironic that the genre could be described as 'dying'--how many action-rpgs does the Watch preview every week as compared to traditional crpgs? I guess most of them are not the big companies anymore, though.

Even Blizzard's new game is not action-rpg, but rts. Maybe that's why Roper and Flagship have revamped Hellgate:London into looking a lot more like a shooter with the over the shoulder camera, etc.

Ah well--the french have a word for it -the more it changes the more it's the same thing.

Back on topic: Looking forward to Loki as it looks like it may have a few twists not done before--the four character models actually having four different quests and environments sounds like some replay value.
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