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May 26th, 2007, 06:58
no i never caught that one. honestly although i use to dig horror movies i've phased them out for the most part except of course for zombie movies. movies like scream and the cell are two i blame for making nearly any horror movie i watch unbearable. i just can't stomach watching suffering and torture in the way some horror movies show it. but i suppose i am fooling myself a bit with zombie movies as well. i guess that category is still grey. some would say a person has to die first to become a zombie so there is no real cure or possiblity of them becoming human again once they've crossed that threshold. though some stories have posed interesting and opposing scenarios. the notion of dead and undead though i find intreguing and i wouldn't mind if they made some good vampire flicks too since none that i can think of come close to the masterpiece that is bloodlines (the game).
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