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May 28th, 2007, 08:47
Well, I usually find out about them by either:

A.- reviews and recommendations by my fellow cultists at
and a few other sites

B.- I get into one film series/star/etc and research what other related items are available.

C.- Or I just stumble upon them while searching for something else. It's like researching one band and someone mentions that they sound a lot like someone else, so you go check them out too.

I'm going to be putting up my own movie review site! I just bought a domain and am deciding what the layout and theme of the site, content, and all that is going to be like. Bouncing around some ideas right now (i actually have too many), even tho i have favorites in all genres, prolly going to be strictly horror/exploitation/cult type films. Thinking of maybe later doing some game and music reviews, but would like to concentrate and realize one avenue fully first.

Still kinda learning and refining my CSS, graphics, and general website design skillz, this is a one-tiger effort. I'd really like it to be a unique site. There's some movie reviews that I read, that are fun in themselves. I dont even have to be interested in the film in the least bit, but reading the review for it, and checking out the wild screens is a kick in the shorts. That's what I want.

I want to use my cats in the mix somehow, I'm thinking of making them guest reviewers with distinct personalities. I'll do a review, and at the bottom will be their additional commentary. Sounds kinda dumb, but I think if done right it just might be cool!
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