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May 31st, 2007, 13:20
Originally Posted by Squeek View Post
Just once I'd like to hear a dev stress the importance of creating rich complex worlds with their own intricate history and mythology, the kind with compelling mysteries, unique legacies, and the feel and promise of epoch adventure.

Game makers should concern themselves first with creating and then with authenticating those kinds of game worlds.
I wish they would too, however…

If they can accomplish that, they won't have to worry about market share.
..they won't have to worry only because they won't have any market share. Sadly the market that cares about rich complex worlds with intricate histories is miniscule compared to the market that mainstream games target.

I agree his comments seem to be targeted at the action/RPG area like single player diablo clones, but it doesn't hold up for the virtual world on a hard disk approach that games like The Elder Scrolls take. He maybe wishing that the single player nature of those games comes back to shoot them in the foot, but I don't think it's proving to be the case. Some people want all the granduer and lore of a virtual fantasy world without the problems that online games (ie, other gamers) present.

The game can never centre around you except in a single player game.
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