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May 31st, 2007, 15:43
Originally Posted by Morbus View Post
This is the kind of thing I personally hate to see in people… The idea that games are reality escape ways… NO! Games are part of reality themselves, and are reality in themselves too. Why don't we embrace the reality in them and use them in their truer sense rather than trying to avoid a preconceived reality by immersing ourselves in a supposed "non" reality?

Yes… It is true that Vault 13's water chip crashed, and it is true that the overseer sent at least one vault dweller in search for another… It's NOT a lie (even though it's fiction). So, if it's not a lie, if it is TRUE, then it is reality.
OK, so now I think I get it. Your use of semantics makes it confusing, but I assume that is due to language issues.

What you are saying is that we should stop making excuses for things that don't work in games by saying 'it is only make-believe'. Accept it as a fully functional alternate reality and embrace it as such.

To an extent we already do that - I know I do! STALKER, Gothic 2, and so on are immersive games that transport me to a different place where I become fully engrossed in how things operate on a daily basis.
-- Mike
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