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May 31st, 2007, 23:06
@Geist -- I never said it would be easy. :-)

What I have in mind is a dynamic simulation that provides the framework and background, and a scripted plot that hooks into it and "drives" it -- pushes it in certain directions. The scripted plot would obviously have to constrain the simulation; it's certainly not possible to allow for a completely fluid system of plot segments. However, I believe it would be possible to make it fluid enough that the simulation would become a significant gameplay element. You could also get creative about exploiting the sim-characteristics in gameplay; for example, if you had a dynamic trade system, you could require the player to exploit it to make money for some other objectives.

I'm pretty convinced that someone, someday will pull it off successfully… and I have a feeling we won't even have to wait *that* long. Perhaps not this year, perhaps not even in 2008, but I'd be disappointed if it doesn't happen by 2010.
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