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June 6th, 2007, 04:13
Originally Posted by Dajjer View Post
Jowood has pissed me off a number of times but PB blew this one in my book. PB had the opportunity to make a new RPG franchise with Gothic 3 and instead of fine tuning the engine they shot for the moon and really missed the side of the barn.
Indeed, Gothic 3 didn't have the magic the 1rst ones had.
I was also pissed about the situation but not as much as Moriendor.

They shouldn't have lied to us. What they did was wrong but I keep thinking about all the fun that I had playing the first 2 episodes.
That made me, hum, forgive them.

I don't understand why they lied to our faces.
Honesty is always the appropriate way to go.
What they did will probably hurt their future releases.

Something was probably already brewing between them and Jowood that made it impossible for them to work tangibly and they didn't want anybody to know about it.
Yes, it was a bad course of action.

They said that they had worked on something but only in their heads.
I think they did so in order to prevent Jowood from taking what they had 'worked' on. I hope that this is somewhat close to the why.

No matter what happens in the future for PB, they will always have a place in my heart.
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