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October 26th, 2006, 17:47
I have us keyboard.Console does not work for give items. I have 1 katana and looking for the 2nd for master sword blueprint forging. So I tried using ? instead of
_ in the name worked I got a second katana. Could not forge master sword.1st
sword was sharpened. Ok spawned 2nd katana. Still could not forge master sword.
Game would not accept it. So I sharpened the katana's and they stacked with the first one. Now game recognised them and I could make the mastersword 115 dam.
Spawned a master sword 105 dam to see If I could. Got one. Equip either and I got master perk. Tried teach and the perk for master dual using ? insted of _ and got it.
Self forged master sword sharpened is 125 dam. Still can't get potions using the ?,
but at least dual blade master can be gotten. I'm L54 still haven't seen zardas.
Taking my time going around trying to find the 2nd katana.Going north next.
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