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October 26th, 2006, 18:19
The final Indie developer was the only one who made sense.
Yeah my friend Amanda she is great!, though she prefers the adventure style RPGs.

I want to say that RPG's have not taken steps forward, they've taken steps backwards. When I heard one of the Oblivion designers say "My favourite game is Ultima 7", and I want to base many things of that. That's why we developed the radiant AI system. I thought WOW this game will rule.

Now that I compare the games that are ( yes that's right folks ) 12 years apart. Oblivion is inferior in almost everything.

Graphics - Yes Oblivion is beautiful, but there are like 3 different tilesets for dungeons and they all look more or less the same. Same goes for indoors, and houses and wilderness. YEs it's beautiful, but it's not exciting to see the same thing over and over and over, I am so sick of the caves that all looks the same that I want to puke. Every single dungeon in U7 was varied and exciting.

Story - OOps the emperor has been murdered by some crazy cult, and oblivion gates open all over… I have to close them and stop the invasion. The story gives me zero. The U7 story is great, and you can make parallells to society even today.

Gameplay - Oblivion…. Hack slash, Hack slash, Hack slash, by yourself, or with a really stupid AI companion who can't die. The roleplaying is minimized to answering a question with three different choices and spinning a wheel. In U7 I could go for hours without any combat and enjoy it a lot, there were just so many different things to do, from building a staircase of boxes to reach that item at the top, to baking bread, or other jobs.

Characters - The characters in Oblivion do not only look stupid, they're pathetic lifeless beings, who can speak about rumors that every other person speaks about, or might I have one quest for you. They might walk around a bit and go to sleep….. maybe even eat…. but what does it matter when they're just like robots?

Quests - Oblivion: Go to this spot on the map, kill somoene, done. There are some quests that are better than this, and at least they tried… though most of them ends up with some killing. A big plus for the amount of quests to do! U7 had all sorts of quests, and you really had to think on how to solve them, and talk to different people, not go to a fixed map spot, and get detalied text descriptions a long the way.

The sad thing is that Oblivion is still the second best attempt in recent years.

Thanks god, for the Gothic series , though I feel they're moving a bit in the wrong direction with G3. They also did a lot of things right.
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