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October 26th, 2006, 18:21
It's all about the Big $$$, it seems. Yes, some hard-core traditional game elements are difficult at first, but if there is no difficulty there is no satisfaction in acheiving mastery, or god forbid, strategically outwitting an AI thru sheer teeth-gritting tenacity.

Seems like the games industry stopped being for and about actual gaming a long time ago.

Perhaps it reflects our entire culture in microcosm. Many people have no real challenges in their lives(that they want to look at, anyway) so they create an artificial challenge--as in so-called "reality TV" ---but the problem with that is that it's totally controllable and safe, thusly minimally rewarding. And then it's on to the next toy or experience.

I guess even a fantasy of a real challenge is too intimidating for this hypothetical
gaming audience.
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