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June 7th, 2007, 01:09
Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
Elwro, that's what I meant…two companies that both messed up accuse each other for whatever..end of a sad story
What's worse is that one of them (hint: the company that's named after a fish and it smells like it, too ) has claimed to be caring oh-so-much about the fans, the players, the community and the PAYING customers and has not only promised a patch but has even gone as far as saying that they would -and I quote- "betray themselves and their company policy if they would leave the players of Gothic III with an unfinished game".

At least JoWood have the decency to be assholes all of the time so you can't really expect nothing from these losers anyway but PB have now officially managed to be even worse than that in my book. They sweet-talk up front and then fuck everyone in the rear. I can't stand that. If they would at least be honest and tell us that it's all about money then it'd be fine but to pretend like they care sooooo much about us on the one hand and that it's soooo breaking their heart that it had to come to this and then to just abandon support on the other hand is just plain bullshit. And if JoWood would have forbidden them to do further patching for G3 then we'd know about it because they (PB) would've told us by now. That is definitely not the issue. PB is very selective about obeying their NDA. They only stick to it when it suits them and they break it when it suits them. That's the way it is.

Besides, they keep contradicting themselves in every other statement and are really slowly but surely getting caught up in their web of lies. It's too bad that most PB fanbois can't see the forest for the trees but just like JoWood these guys are playing games at OUR expense.

Look, I'm not taking sides either. JoWood are assholes. Period. Those fuckers have even banned me from their forums but PB needs to be called out for their double talking, hypocrisy and self-victimization as well. There's no way they are as innocent as they claim or want to appear to be. Contracts are always signed by two parties, usually in mutual agreement. I don't give a flying fuck about who stole whose shovel first. Sort it out, you idiots. Fast. Then deliver a proper Gothic III patch and find an agreement about the continuation of the Gothic franchise either involving both of you or just one of you parties with or without compensation for either party… who cares… but please stop this pathetic public exchange of retarded press releases that helps exactly no one but your retard egos. kthx.
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