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October 26th, 2006, 20:08
Originally Posted by BillSeurer View Post
If I am remembering weapon master correctly they suck compared to a plain fighter of equal level. You might want to run the numbers a bit and compare.
The fighter/weapon master was one of the most powerful characters in the original NWN, it has been toned down a lot for NWN2.

In NWN the keen property stacked with the improved weapon master critical with led to obscene critical hit chances. I played Hordes as one, and in the final battle (which I played through about 4-5 times to see most of the endings) I managed to do over 600 damage in a single round duel wielding 2 katanas. If I recall the critical threshold was 15-20(3x) or also a 30% chance of landing a crit (6 hits a round = 2 crits).

In NWN2 they no longer stack, this means the only benefit would be that you don't need a keen weapon and you do better criticals. It could still be handy class to pick up 7 levels in if you plan on soloing as a fighter with no enchantment capabilities.
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