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Default Powerleveling a pure mage?

October 26th, 2006, 20:15
I decided to play hardcore, a pure mage, but I did not want to waste a single point of the "Fast Learning" skill. This was not an easy task because it's based on how weak you can complete Cape Dun with (at least if you follow the Rebels).

Personally I got to level 12, saving just 25 points to level 13. I was lucky to have stone tablets that got my A.K up a bit, as well as reading every lectern/bookshelf in Ardea/Reddock/Cape Dun, including the Cape Dun Orc Leader's own.

(so yes, I wasted a few possible points but not that man)

After that I spent my points to get 100 in A.K, bought Fast Learning, Fireball, killed a single snake and bought up to 240 mana.

With all mana potions I bought up to that point I could clear out Cape Dun, which got me up to level 14. For that I got the Mana Potion recipy and more mana. My goal is to reach 300-400 mana before I start to powerlevel A.K for Mana Regen.

Am I doing right, am I doing wrong? is there's anything else I should think of (I already know Dragons ignore fireballs, so some ice stuff is needed eventually).
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