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June 9th, 2007, 09:17
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
Hope I'm understanding you, Unre. Please correct me if I'm not, but I don't know that I see being properly led by the developer through the game play to a correct conclusion as ego-stroking per se.

To me that's more like the constant adulation of NPC's for completing minor quests ("Oh thank you great hero for killing all the nasty rats and taking my sister in the next village our father's flute! Only one with the bloodline of the Gods could have done that!!") and the tired cliche's of the Chosen One,etc that permeate the RPG mythos.
And may I ask, is Avellone known for such dialogues? I may be being sarcastic but there are two kinds of ego-stroking - primitive and more sophisticated ones.

Sawyer lead IWD:Heart of Winter with Heart of Fury mode to satisfy the needs of power-gamers. HoF showed mecontradiction in tactical pleasure and stats-increasing game mechanism. There are devision between know-nots and knows, have-nots and haves. The system can be exploited easily. This is not fun of pure tactical pleasure but for more primitive ego-stroking. Sawyer may see purerer tactical fun in Pikmin rather than the games he is known for and is designing for "the addicted". IMO, one of the reasons why Sawyer is popular among BIS fans are he is honest to his game-loving heart even if harsh at times. Many of us think RPG still has its potential but at least a part of its "decline" may have come from RPG fanboism or inflated-ego through our past game experience, to some extent.




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