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June 9th, 2007, 12:02
I'm not saying that PB is without blame here, especially the part in which they apparently and alledgedly signed away their rights (or certain rights?) to the Gothic brand to Jowood. I don't know if PB has a lawyer firm making the contracts or they just have negotiated the deal with Jowood themselves?? If PB had a lawyer firm negotiate the deal, they are, imo, in dire need of a lawyer change.

As I understand the story PB, wanted to make G4, using the modified engine they have learned to use while developing G3, and then to sort of re-write G3 with a 1GB patch that fixed the combat, and other issues as well in G3, using the same steps? etc. they did when the would have developed G4. To me, this seems logical as it seems to me that it would could down on development. Instead of first implemening a patch that made changes to the G3 world, and then using these changes in add-on fior G3, and then developing G4, PB wanted to make G4 and then implement the changes made here backwards to G3, maybe via an add-on.
My German is a little rusty these days, but this is what I have gotten from reading the German forums at WOG.

I think that this thing is best left for the players right now….
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