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June 9th, 2007, 13:00
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
Do you mean Avellone is known along with Urquehart and others for games like FO and PS:Torment, whose dialogue and npc interaction were quite a bit more complex? (I have to admit I was parodying Dungeon Seige 2 in my earlier post.)
I think it was viable if already somewhat over-worked to use the concept of a Chosen One in Fallout(2) back in 1998-99; almost ten years and a thousand derivative rpgs later it's just mindless.

Okay, I think I follow you here. I agree that just providing exploits in the game mechanism as leveling fodder can be classed as ego-stroking, since you are basically making the process of becoming uber look harder than it really is. Heart of Fury was hard, but not all that much harder than normal, and you got like what, triple experience?

So according to this premise, you are led deeper into the game solely because your ego is flattered by how powerful you become, rather than through story elements or a genuine challenge that requires more than a ramped-up rote response.

I don't know that that's what Sawyer was discussing above, but it may be what I seemed to be saying I suppose. But I really was trying to make the point that a game is only fun--that's what games are for, correct? --when it hits the right balance between making you work for your rewards, then fairly rewarding you.

I couldn't agree more. If you're saying that rpgs have been dumbed down to a formula catering to the 'instant gratification' mode.
Well, I guess my cynical mentality makes what I am saying appear to be complex than it really is.

Even Sawyer admits that Pikmin rewards him by letting him feel smart and thus his ego stroked.

As a writer, Avellone is conscious of ego-stroking. PS:T contains some moments which make the players feel smarter in the same way detective stories do. Also, companion NPCs have their own reasons to consider the PC important. These are more sophisticated than the Chosen One trick and yet ego-stroking.

Here, as you (hopefully) see, as well as fun factor, reward essence, too, subjective. And like you, I need more than simplistic "rewards" than tripled-experience points and the Chosen One NPC "interactions".




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