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June 9th, 2007, 15:25
I thought I had played evey mod out, but I do not remember a mod placing the wooden structure where it is….just beyond the scavs. It appears to me to be(in G1) about 100 yards from the guards at the bridge leading to the old camp at the start of the game……the hero is standing about 100ish yards towards the troll/focus stone area, facing the guards/bridge to the old camp. The scavs and molerat are in the correct place and the terrain to the left appears correct for the area i am talking about. Just on the other side of the lil hill on the left should be the two hunters you first meet in the game.

I think I am right, so does anyone know the mod that places the wooden thingy where it is in the pic?(Me and Maylander are talking about the exact same place)

In the pic it appears to me that a wooden structure(gate looking thingy) has been placed where the guards would be(just before you cross the creek). And in the distance there is a mountain where it should'nt be. The dam pic is about to make me re-install G1 lol.

@JDR13, you can hit prt screen, exit the game, open MS paint and paste into paint, save. Of course there are a jillion ingame screenshot programs you can install. But for one pic, what i said works fine.

/me thinks Freddy has played a lil mind game with an altered pic
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