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June 10th, 2007, 12:34
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
Well, Unre, I have to admit I read a lot of detective stories and am pretty happy when anything makes me feel smart It's a diversion and escape for me. I just want it done with some originality and finesse. It's in the context, I guess.
When I play a strategy game, I want it to be as hard as possible, but in a rational way, and not just in battling overwhelming odds due to a cheating AI that gets advantages the player can't even dream of.

And like you, in an rpg I want to stretch my brain a bit and not just re-enact the same formula in another incarnation. Hopefully as the crpg ages it will continue to evolve and we'll see more intelligent gameplay models.
Agreed. Also, what you wrote let me think of how VtM:Bloodlines (ex-Troika, Mitsoda is working on Sega project at Obsidian). failed me. The ending is not logically deducted outside of vague guesses. I know if it were, it wouldn't produce the effect the designers seem to have intended. However, I felt outsmarted by an obnoxious kid.
At least, that was far from "how dare didn't I notice it" type of satisfaction when I failed to see what's going on in cleverly written detective stories. Definitely I shouldn't feel smart by this but I know the author played "fair", which gives me a strange satisfaction.




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