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June 11th, 2007, 19:37
Originally Posted by curiously undead View Post
@magerette-i actually caught the opening sequence and the ending (or near it) of that as well last night but it didn't capture me enough to not leave the room. i used to really like pierce brosnan and his first couple of bond movies but for some reason he just seems like, forgive the expression "a punk ass" to me these days….
Good to see you back amongst us, c.u. Was Brosnan Remington Steele? God, that was a silly show.
When I say surprisingly good, the emphasis is definitely on'surprisingly;'--I agree he has a certain smarmy British punk quality totally lacking in the preceding iterations. I like Connery, but his Bond has quite the mysogynist flavor. Favorite is probably Roger Moore--let's face it, this is not serious drama, and his tongue in cheek delivery seems to fit.

doesn't north korea fall into the category of the cold war?
Technically it probably does--it certainly qualifies as one at the moment. At the time I think it was a pretty warm little war, or police action, as they called it back then. (And you thought political correctness came in in the nineties!) I was thinking more of the 'From Russia with Total Improbability' stuff in the Connery flicks.

though as they say "once a communist…"
and for those who aren't living in a communist state and wearing one of these
your cool for at least the rest of the year
bad teeth--reeaally bad teeth. Not perhaps the best argument for socialized medicine.
Where there's smoke, there's mirrors.
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