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October 27th, 2006, 03:14
Get mana regeneration ASAP. Ancient knowledge also determines the strength of your spells, so 1 fireball with 200AK = loads at 100AK. This way you also save mana, by having to cast less spells.

You can get mana regeneration from the high fire mage inside Vengard, the fastest way to get there is to pump up 250AK, clear out Gotha(you can use a bed in the first house to refuel the mana needed), get the stone, and then run all the way to the king(no need to clear out Vangard). That way you can have mana regeneration by level 30 or so if you get all the AK upgrades along the way - Geldern, certain places in the desert, and so on hold quite a few stone tablets/books.

Mana regeneration is the ultimate skill in the game provided you have healing - you just can't run out of mana, so you can heal yourself, spam damage spells, summon etc without being worried about mana. No need to have more than 400 mana or so - it regenerates so fast it doesn't really make a difference how much you have.

I made a "pure" mage build, but started by getting 120str and flaming sword, just to be able to hack my way out of trouble when out of mana before getting mana regeneration. After that I went up to about 200 mana, and then pumped AK and ran into Vengard as described above.

Another thing - the 30 levels or so needed to get mana regeneration? Get them by doing quests all over the place - NOT liberate cities. Liberation cities is extremely tough untill you get mana regeneration, but so easy after you get it. So instead of actually liberating them, just "prepare" them for liberation by doing all quests, get 75% in all cities and so on. This way you can move swiftly through the game without too much frustration till the point where you get the extremely powerful mana regeneration.

Also, I have to stress this again - AK is far more important than mana. At 400+ AK a single fireball can take out almost anything, even in Nordmar. It's redicilously powerful. My mage was a Beliar based mage, so I had lightning instead, but they are roughly the same - I was zapping my way through Nordmar without breaking a sweat, entire orc camps died and by the time I was done looting I was back at 100% mana.
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