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June 13th, 2007, 18:32
I think this swamping of action titles is just a lag--it will peter out soon. It's like all the RTS MMO's trying to cash in on WoW.

The devs for Titan Quest said if they had it do over, they wouldn't have used the top-down view, would've upped the graphics, etc to make it competitive with Oblivion, which is what all these titles are trying to aim for, success-wise and sales-wise. As it is, if the reviews don't say "great as or greater than " the big O, these titles won't sell…"enough".

Frankly I find it ironic (in a gloating kind of way ) that Oblivion is now the acid test for new action-rpgs. A long way from what Beth would like you to believe about what the game is.

No offense to those who enjoy Oblivion. I haven't played it;just find it an interesting comparison.
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