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October 27th, 2006, 05:12
Acleacius, I just wanted to create a topic about playing mage. But I will check out the triggerpoints. I am starting to grasp how to avoid screwing up the main quest now.

Excellent tips Maylander
I have 400 mana now and 105 AK. I will be sure to spend all my future LP into AK to reach 250 as fast as possible. Should be able to reach 250 before level 30 for sure.

I have liberated Cape Dun, but I will not liberate the other cities now then, just run the quests.

I can pick up all forms of attackspells and use them, but Fireball will be mighter if I pick Fire Mage right? (I am not sure yet what kind of mage I will be).
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