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October 27th, 2006, 07:05
Originally Posted by Peter Stauffenberg View Post
Charisma is the paladin's best so it should be as high as possible. There are many reasons for that.

So a paladin should maximize his charisma attribute when creating his character. Only spending 4 build points and give CHA 12 (CHA 14 as an Aasimar) is not what I would recommend. What makes a paladin great is his charisma attribute as I showed above.
I had forgotten you could raise an attribute to 14 without increasing the point cost. I would increase it to 14(+2 = 16). I do tend to play more melee orientated characters and I would probably pick up 5 levels of divine champion as soon as it is available.

Originally Posted by Peter Stauffenberg View Post
9th level: Improved critical (longsword) unless you have a great longsword with the keen ability. Keen does NOT stack with improved critical in NWN2. It did stack in NWN1.
Does keen stack with the Ki critical feat (weapon master)? I thought that was the only change they made to the keen property.

I thought it would be interesting after reading Peters build if everyone would type up their own builds:

Mine is a Chaotic Neutral Tiefling

Str 10 (2bp) (A more melee orientated build would increase str/con by +2)
Dex 20 (16bp)
Con 10 (2bp)
Wis 8 (0bp)
Int 18 (10bp) (-2 for +2 str/con if required)
Cha 6 (0bp)

Level 20 (Tiefling level 19): Rogue 10/Wizard 5/Arcane Trickester 4.

This character would have a +7d6 sneak attack and be able to perform all the services of a rogue for the party. This character is intended to level up as a wizard first, then pick up 5 levels of Rogue and then level as a Trickster and by Level 14 would be casting 5th level spells. The main strength of this character is the huge amount of skill points it will get as a high intelligence rogue, while the main weakness is a lack of feats, as such it would be best to focus feats to a single spell school. Dodge and Mobility are essential to this class as it is intended to cast spells at point blank range. Weapon Finesse is essential also.
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