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October 27th, 2006, 10:45
Originally Posted by Kalia View Post
From MY viewpoint, and I'll qualify this by saying I only played the MP part during the beta, I wouldn't rank it over 7.0 even if the OC was a stellar RPG. Why? Because I HATE the multiplayer aspect. If I want to play those types of MP games, I'd play Unreal Tourney.

I want my RPG online experience to be exactly that: An RPG. But that's just me.
Won't quibble review scores, but as Corwin says this really isn't a RPG, it is an action game with assignable skills.

I didn't play the MP much at all during the 'open' beta, having worn out a bit on the 'closed beta'. It will be interesting to see how it plays - is it interesting to keep people engaged for any period of time, or will it fade quickly like the majority of shooters?
-- Mike
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