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October 27th, 2006, 11:10
There are supposed to be six druids according to the druids themselves, I've only found 5 so far:
1. Near Montera, ripperbeast stone, on the alternate path to Montera from Ardea - when you get to a farm with 1 guard and a couple of slaves, turn left, not right towards the bandits. You'll soon get to some old burned down houses, the druid is nearby in a cave.
2. South of Geldern, snapper stone, as you go south of Geldern towards Trelis, follow the mountains to the right and you can't miss him.
3. North west of Silden, main druid - shadowbeast stone, go north of Silden, then cross the river to the west, and up the mountains. Search the mountains and you should find their camp.
4. Right outside of Lago in the desert, lion stone, you can't miss him if you go from the first house of Lago along the mountain. Not the side of town where the mine is, but the other side.
5. Wolf Clan village in Nordmar, wolf stone. His name is Bogir, he's easy to find.

I have no idea who number six is supposed to be, and I've searched everywhere(at least I feel that I have, maybe he's not in the game).
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