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June 19th, 2007, 05:25
Originally Posted by Asbjoern View Post
oh, so it's wrong for people to talk about NMA but it's quite okay for NMA to over and over and over talk about how Fallout 3 is going to "suck",
Uh, yeah, we're a Fallout fansite, we talk about Fallout. As far as I know there's no NMA fansite, and as such I have to agree with Dhruin in being puzzled why people think NMA is more important to talk about than Fallout. Especially on places like Something Awful and Penny Arcade.

Originally Posted by Asbjoern View Post
I think people only want to have NMA to treat Bethesda and others reasonably without being prejudiced and biased about every little detail that might be "against the soule of Fallout".
If people want us to do that, they should join NMA and talk to us. Talking about us a lot won't change anything in a hurry.

Originally Posted by Asbjoern View Post
And by the way. How can people not talk about NMA and other "hardcore" Fallout fans, when it is NMA and others that have released a number of articles revolving around the importance and dedication of Fallout fans.
A number? Oh…eh…I guess 1 is a number too, yeah.

NMA is into group think real big time.
Yeah, I totally completely agree with you, they all the think the same, totally unlike all of us!

(sorry, always wanted to do that)
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