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June 19th, 2007, 12:10
I just understood your former post, Dhruin, as that you meant people here at RPGWatch should perhaps watch their mouth. So I more or less felt targeted.
But I think the problem with others commenting about NMA is, that not that many have actually played Fallout 1-2, but Fallout is still a very big deal in the world of gaming. Just look at the newspost at NMA, where they wrote about a GameSpot poll about the teaser trailer. What was the number, 40% or so in the poll didn't know what Fallout was but still it had its own poll at a mayor gaming website. So when there's a lot of talk about Fallout 3 and people haven't played the former games then they turn their attention to NMA and comments on their reactions, because they can't make any themselves.

But still, people should be allowed to speak about NMA if they choose. The talk at the mayor gaming websites is complete bullshit anyway.

EDIT. But well, NMA have really positioned themselves in the current situation by constantly being very negative towards the Fallout 3 project and the conservatism at NMA is very easy to dislike.
But I actually expected NMA to gain more support in their crusade against Bethesda/Fallout 3, but it looks like many have turned against NMA instead.

But I suppose people wanted to end this discussion.
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