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June 19th, 2007, 14:29
I'm happy for the thread to go as long as it likes and I'm not trying to close it down. And I don't mind NMA being discussed one little bit but often you can't really call it "discussion".

For example, I enjoy reading Qt3 regularly but I can't comment on Fallout without being lumped in with the more fanatical NMA members (and honestly, I really am quite reaonable when I post there, even if I do have a "hardcore" viewpoint.

Have a look at this thread and look how many people are only interested in talking about NMA.

I also approve of this. I also want a special NMA only mode where there is no S.P.E.C.I.A.L., only first person view and the game can't be paused.
Lol. And, lo behold, there was furious gnashing of teeth and bereaved wailing at NMA….
This almost made me want to visit NMA to see what they hate about what's been announced. Fortunately I had an attack of sanity.
Damn, and I clicked this thread hoping to get the QT3 digest version of the NMA reaction.
Me too.

This thread does not deliver.
There appears to be a thread on NMA about it, but it's been "Moved:" to somewhere that apparently only registered members can access. Odd.
They're having a members-only conference about how they can spin this information so that Bethsoft is still the Devil.
$5 says they attempt to take credit for getting Bethesda to make the game more like the original.
…and that's just from page 2 of the 8 pages. It's gets old rather quickly.
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