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October 27th, 2006, 15:52
Spellforce2-Shadow Wars
I'm not a huge fan of RTS, and to some extent the game suffers from trying to do two very separate things well, but overall, quite addictive. It's nice to play a stable game with no bugs or crashes(so far anyway.)
GalCiv2-Dread Lords
Nice take on the 4X space games--a little redolent of those that have gone before, but since we apparently will never get a decent sequel to MOO2 or Alpha Centauri, it 's there and quite playable for those Conquering the Universe moments.

All you people playing multiple games on multiple platforms--I'm heartily impressed!It's all I can do to keep my memory cells wrapped around one or two plots,GUI's, genres, etc. Too bad the game industry doesn't seem to realize how versatile, adaptable and hungry the non-stereo-typed gamer actually is.
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