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June 19th, 2007, 19:27
Originally Posted by Brother None View Post
we actively enforced a policy of "don't bash Bethesda, we don't know anything yet."
What exactly is your definiton of "active enforcement"? It can't be post deletion or I wouldn't have found all of this after just a quick search (not bashing Bethesda, huh? Hahaha… good one ).

From your friendly neighborhood "We are not bashing Bethesda" crowd at NMA
As it happens Bethesda developing F3 is a kick in the balls for Fallout fans
Don't get me wrong, I love being an asshole, but do we really want asshole bethesda, the creators of asshole oblivion to make asshole fallout?
In my humble opinion, their asshole kat people, asshole orcs a and asshole human designs and animations are so flawed, disjunctional and ugly that they come nowhere near the graphics and sense of style that was fallout.
And don't get me started on asshole oblivion gameplay.
I mean, hasn't the fallout franchise been raped enough by F:BOS (and FOT)? does it have to be assraped now as well?
Yes, I believe Bethesda will completely wind up raping Fallout.
Yes, for the 197654th time yes Bethesda will rape Fallout for the fans
You know what folks? I have just about had it with diplomacy and patiently explaining to everyone why Bethesda is the last developer who should work on Fallout3… Fuck Bethesda! Fuck their one-choice-per-dialogue system. Fuck their fancy graphics that are not compensating one bit the crappy, shallow and lacking imagination gameplay… Fuck interplay for delivering us into the hands of complete amateurs and FUCK the commercialism that has plagued the game industry for so long, allowing nothing but softcore, hack'n'slash TRASH to come out of the developers' labs.
Why are we the Fallout community taking this crap? Especially from Bethesda.
We all know where Bethesda is
taking this game, yet no one is yelling at them, we're constantly
in-fighting which each other wasting time, which they continue to
rape this license.
Bethesda making F3 possibly for 360 is like your best friend banging your mom, Not to mention giving your sister a dirty sanchez!
Bethesda currently employs game designers who are so utterly inept that they make Capstone (RIP, thankfully) seem outright competent in comparison.
Bethesda is a studio showing great abilities in the brand of screwing up games.
And that's why myself and others are collecting up Todd and Pete's lies, so we can publicly call them out on them when the public sees these details as well. We will do so extensively and brutally, and as publicly as we can. I even have a news post made partially ready, "Todd Howard and Pete Hines are liars." as one possible headline.
How does it have some relevance to this, when the same guy [Pete Hines] you're phrasing has verbally buttfucked the respect some of us had for Bethesda.
They should replace Hines, if he's been making that shit up on his own
Pete The Goat Fucker Hines wrote:
Fallout 3 is our baby…
… Of all the dumbass rehashed crap he [Pete Hines] has said, that line pissed me off the most.
Fallout 3 isn't your fucking "baby," it is the child the courts had removed from his father, and handed your rich ass, because the father couldn't afford to feed him anymore.
Seriously, Pete, this drivel doesn't work, as we were hoping you might be bright enough to understand this moronic PR-speek doesn't work with us, when you feebly loafed at your job when you happy assclowns got the license initially, and now you make statements that could top Chuck's?
Simply unbelievable. Bethesda has indeed grown over the years, and one of the things that has grown the most spectacularly is the heaping piles of shit they shovel onto their "fans", regardless of TES, Fallout, or any of their other shitty licensed works.
THEN Bethesda are gonna enter production of fallout 3!
Damn them all to hell! Raaarggahhar!!
By gamers for gamers" (By dicks for profit)
considering Bethesda's previous titles (which make excellent coasters or frisbees imo), it's pretty easy to make assumptions. Unless they're doing a complete 180 from what they've done before, it's safe to say that they'll come out with a big steaming pile that simply has the name Fallout on the box.
Pete is the spokesman for the developers at Bethesda, and he's clueless, and is JUST NOW trying to develop a clue. Given what has been said about Fallout by other Bethesda developers, this could be taken as indicative of the whole team, especially when the Head Nimrod In Charge of the project, Todd Howard, also says some spectacularly stupid things.
"How they developed Oblivion" and the rest of the crap Pete said is indeed the point of the discussion, not that he said "it will be just like Oblivion, but with guns", but that is where indications lead with his choice of words. He is discussing the treatment of theirs towards the IP, and the treatment towards their own IP has been questionable since they skullfucked TES into Morrowind for console trash
If Bethesda decides to take the same negligent approach towards game design while skullfucking the design for trendy reasons and laziness, then that is similarly their problem and I see no reason why we should happily take it. AGAIN, for the third load of bullshit PR-speek.
Bethesda PR, and some developers, dump a fresh shovelful of steaming bullshit right onto your head. What do you do?
1. Sit there with your best shit-eating grin and nicely give them suggestions on how to not dump shit on your head.
2. Sit there and take it like a cheap whore.
3. Grab the shovel from their hands, beat them over the head with it, and then feed them back their own bullshit.
History says that the Fallout fanbase are not too fond of being fed bullshit, so I know which one most people picked. It was particularly obvious from the initial reaction to much of the bullshit they shoveled in the past.
odd Howard will come out and say "Oh sorry fallout fans,i skullfucked your game and i lied to you,I should have been honest from the first moment"
Seriously,we're fucked.There's nothing we can do.I personally consider fallout 3,y'know,dead meat.
That might happen, when Bethesda decides to "refine" Fallout down again for Sellout 4, which would be apropos if they whored out with Fallout 3, as it would be the fourth sell-out in the franchise.
Bethesda + Raph [Koster] + MMOG = The Triforce of Crap
Summary: This had better not be true. If it is, Bethesda deserves everything (and everyone) hurled their way.
…Bethesda to just do what they want with the license, though, especially if they butt-rape it into Oblivious form. It'd make them happy.
I originally had no intention of buying Oblivi-yawn, yet after seeing those clips I seem to have an irresistable urge to play the game for the sole purpose of fucking with the (as someone else put it) "Radiant Asshole Intelligence".
Maybe then Todd and his clueless buddies will get it out of their empty heads to develop a Fallout 4.
Anyway, I'd rather Bethesda made their own damn sci-fi console game instead of fucking with someone else's ideas.
I think lying is instinctive for Pete.
If (due to divine intervention because anything lesser might not be sufficient) it [Fallout 3] turns out to be something more than a steaming pile of brahmin excrements I'll buy without having second thoughts.
@ Todd Howard: OK fucktard speak like a normal motherfucker! Shit this annoys me. It was so dificlut to read though, as he always hesitated and avoided questions.
You clearly don't know Todd that well. The dork is nervous, and when he's nervous he pathetically tries to appear humble. What's not clear is whether the nervousness roots from the interview, the masked Fallout die-hards who burned a an effigy of the quest compass outside his place last night, or his insecurities over the meaning behind the Cleveland steamer Vlatko plopped on him after last week's company party. It smelled like Wendy's chicken nuggets.
Or, y'know, some strange combination of the three.
I agree that "fucktard" was exagerated but you gotta admit that he sounded like a…stuttering fucktard….uh.
Oh, really? As if Todd and Pete don't already do this without their speech/mental impediments…
That code was NEVER Bethesda's, and since Todd came on board, Bethesda's code has been "For Profit By The Lowest Common Denominator, By Todd Howard".
About the only passable thing they've internally developed was the TES series, which is going downhill every time Todd and Pete wipes their ass with it to rape for more money.
Well, that excludes MSFD, HayT, Pete, Todd, and a few other Bethesda employees. At this point, I'm fairly certain Scruffy the Janitor has more of a clue, and can actually form a coherent sentence. Pete and Todd are both supposedly involved with game development, and can't speak about it worth shit? What fucking use is a Lead that sounds like Meathead Mutt in interviews?
Or how about we ask for it now instead of the bullshit Todd and Pete have kept spewing since…oh, two years ago? It should be due, considering the rest of the shit Todd and Pete have said over two years
…circa the last time Pete had his mouth open to make funny noises.
Todd's clueless: Fallout 3 = fucked.
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