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June 19th, 2007, 19:51
I more or less feel inclined to make a reply to your post. You disected it so thoroughly so this time I'll satisfy my argumentative urges, though I've restrained myself the last couple of days, when you've posted.

Originally Posted by Brother None View Post
Uh, yeah, we're a Fallout fansite, we talk about Fallout. As far as I know there's no NMA fansite, and as such I have to agree with Dhruin in being puzzled why people think NMA is more important to talk about than Fallout. Especially on places like Something Awful and Penny Arcade.
You asked for it. Now you have your very own fan blog. I know, it's quite lame.

If people want us to do that, they should join NMA and talk to us. Talking about us a lot won't change anything in a hurry.
With the experiences I have from your board, I don't think anybody would get anything fruitful out of that.

A number? Oh…eh…I guess 1 is a number too, yeah.
Is it really necessary to be so condescending? But ok, for your pleasure. Glittering Gems of Hatred, part I-III. abbaon added the link, but I suppose you don't need it, because you were one of the writers of "gems of hatred". Perhaps you count it as one article, but because it was released over a period of time in 3 parts, then it in my mind counts as three.

But have you given it the thought that it isn't about what NMA has done or hasn't, but NMA has become over time a metaphor of "hardcore" Fallout fans, so when people talk so much about NMA, might be because they see you as a stereotype of the common Fallout maniac (sorry to use that word). So when other "hardcore" fans - not necessarily associated with NMA - writes articles for example someone (I can't remember who. It was a blog where the photo of the writer was on the frontpage) wrote an article (as you also did) about Fallout fans and their importance then this is also channeled to NMA.
You see the "hardcore" Fallout fans as a general whole and NMA becomes the centre of it.

What what what? In the years leading up to this trailer, not only were all out newsposts neutral, but we actively enforced a policy of "don't bash Bethesda, we don't know anything yet." VDweller is still enormously angry at us for that (see the opening of his article), and Rosh left in a huff because of that, and now we told we were "never giving them a chance". Oh, c'mon!
ah, not all newsposts were neutral, but yes, you have actually made a good work with being objective in your news posts, which is appreciable.
But that is just your official face. Your unofficial viewpoints are still that Bethesda's Fallout 3 is going to be a pile of rubbish. The moderation and general consensus of your board gives this impression, and boards are just as much as news coverage what defines a website.
NMA have a legacy. And I see you've deleted the "dumb posts" forum, which is good, but also the least you could do.

And yet many agree with us too. Believe me, we don't like our reputation much either, on NMA, but we don't mind if people bash us as long as they can see we have a point somewhere, and many do.
It isn't about if one can see the point or not, but the template of how that point is forwarded is just as important.
I don't for example visit RPGCodex because their template is filled with prejudice and subjectiveness. It isn't to treat others (developers) with respect in my view.
Even though I agree with many of their points that still doesn't make me want to visit their website (which they're probably glad).

Maybe our reputation will change over the years, maybe not, there's a lot of people (like BillSeurer here, no offense) who got maltreated or banned on NMA and seem to have made it their life's goal to spread the word that we're evil. Sucks, but it's the way it is.
Don't make BillSeurer look like the one that is wrong. The forums of NMA are full of elitism and arrogancy. But if you're trying to change that, of course you should have a chance to escape that legacy, but you can't possibly think this happens over night.
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