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June 19th, 2007, 20:08
Originally Posted by Asbjoern View Post
You asked for it. Now you have your very own fan blog. I know, it's quite lame.
I love it!

Originally Posted by Asbjoern View Post
With the experiences I have from your board, I don't think anybody would get anything fruitful out of that.
Perhaps, perhaps not, there are a number of people over there now defending Bethesda. Except for the obvious trolls, they're still there. Note that there were also some obvious anti-Bethesda trolls we banned.

Originally Posted by Asbjoern View Post
Is it really necessary to be so condescending? But ok, for your pleasure. Glittering Gems of Hatred, part I-III. abbaon added the link, but I suppose you don't need it, because you were one of the writers of "gems of hatred". Perhaps you count it as one article, but because it was released over a period of time in 3 parts, then it in my mind counts as three.
One of? I was the writer, baby! Go me.

That said, it wasn't really intended as a "look how important we are"-article, but more of a "come and understand our point of view." I'm guessing it failed, there?

Originally Posted by Asbjoern View Post
But that is just your official face. Your unofficial viewpoints are still that Bethesda's Fallout 3 is going to be a pile of rubbish. The moderation and general consensus of your board gives this impression, and boards are just as much as news coverage what defines a website.
Not really, the first service we provide is news, the second is mods, the third is info, the fourth is a forum. Nobody is forced to go onto our forum to read our news. As for "our unofficial viewpoints," NMA doesn't have unofficial viewpoints. Its staff does, sure, but it's not exactly rule-enforced (though I'll admit there are some old leftover rules like "no discussion of Fallout online".

Originally Posted by Asbjoern View Post
Don't make BillSeurer look like the one that is wrong. The forums of NMA are full of elitism and arrogancy. But if you're trying to change that, of course you should have a chance to escape that legacy, but you can't possibly think this happens over night.
Ok, I won't expect our reputation to change overnight if you don't expect us to somehow reform the entire community overnight.

Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
These quotes are all from a few months ago when we had that little argument where you and the Biofreak disputed that Bethesda developers were ever getting personally attacked at NMA. To counter your point, I collected these quotes and links back then, not today. It was the "ace up my sleeve" so to speak . I'm quite sure that a lot of these posts (possibly not each and every single one of them but like 95% at least) are from pre-glittering gems since glittering gems was when we had our little "clash" (or are you not Kharn?).
Yes. Like I said, our official policy of discouraging or outright vatting speculative posts was dropped somewhere between glittering gems and the Fallout teaser, but apparently my memory has got it wrong (sorry about that). I couldn't tell you exactly where because I don't think there was ever any point we officially said "let's stop doing it", we just stopped, by vague consensus. But it figures that Rosh leaving in a huff was our encouragement both to write glittering gems and to drop the "no speculative posts"-rule, my chronology is just wrong.

I don't know if you have an account on NMA, if you do, you can for example view this thread. A very innocent thread speculating on Fallout 3 based on Oblivion. Still vatted for being speculative (not Rosh's lovely reply after it was vatted).

Now that I'm posting anyway, the Escapist wrote about us in their recent article.
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