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October 27th, 2006, 16:42
I guess I was tired when I read your post, it makes perfect sence now.

I am wondering if PB is going to fix the Mobs not having any resistances, in Patch 2?
I guess they will if it was an oversite or wasn't time to implement it before release.

JenyM, don't know if you saw the other thread, Maylander and myself both tested and it turns out if your Rep with a town is high, in my case it was 80+ and I didn't get attacked by an Orc leader even though I had liberated 3 towns before I knew to be careful.
So the good news is make sure you get your Rep with a town as high as possible before you enter the Orc protected areas in each towns since they have many good quests that don't require harming Rebels, if your going that path.
It mainly seems to be the Orc leader of each town that has the quest to kill rebels, at least I have seen so far.
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