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June 20th, 2007, 05:35
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
Now, can we all be friends again!! One question, why don't you like the idea of an online Fallout? MP could be fun in that environment for those who enjoy shooters, especially!!
Is this addressed to me?

In any case, I think the shortest answer would be: it's kind of silly, Fallout's setting and storytelling mechanics don't lend themselves for it;

- Fallout's setting means lots of desert, and sparsely populated towns. That means no MMO.
- Fallout's storytelling mechanics always focused on the theme of lone ranger. Remember, with the whole "vault dweller gets kicked out of vault"-ending? That was the whole theme. In the end, you had to do everything by yourself, companions nonwithstanding. That means no multiplayer.

Now, if there's a Fallout sequel in which the lonely wandered storytelling mechanic was less important, than no multiplayer would also be less important. That's kind of where Van Buren was headed, and I wasn't upset about there being multiplayer in that. Though some were.

As for MMO. That's just silly…the setting just doesn't lend itself for it. If you want to make an MMO, why try to bend the setting to the type of game? Isn't it better to make a fresh setting for the type of game you're making?
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