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October 27th, 2006, 17:45
I have to admit that the bugs do get a little frustrating, but at its core there is a solid game. I have a 3200+, 2GB RAM, and a 6800GT and I get randomly poor performance for no damn good reason. But when the game works well man does it work. Nothing beats breaking some jerk's neck with a staff, even if said jerk and all of his buddies all say "Hey Paaaalll!!!" when they see you. Obviously the game could stand to have some bug/optimization fixes thrown at it, and Xana really should keep her mouth shut more often, but other than that the game is solid. As far as the most annoying bugs go it has to be the performance issues coupled with the CTDs. On the first play though a certain level the game would run smoothly in one area and not in another, on the second round all of that would shift so previously smooth areas are now slide shows. As far as CTDs go, well would something of that nature need any explanation? I don't think so, but just in case they suck like no other. Just play the demo and think of what that would be like if there were more of it with less of the bugs. They just need to get the bugs out first.
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