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October 27th, 2006, 17:48
Originally Posted by LordRac View Post
DM is an action RPG for kids, and has the depth of a toothpick. Why Gamespot thinks it should have any type of real RPG elements is beyond me.
Probably because of the "Might and Magic" in the name, but your right they are rating it as something it's not. no wonder it fails, in their estimation, when they try to peg it as an RPG when it's not.

That's actually one of my big criticisms of reviews, then tend not to rate games in the genre they are in. Kids games especially, they will say something like 'the game play is simplistic' for a game thats rated for six year olds. My personal "favorite" is when they list lack of multilayer features as a "bad" thing. Is it just me, or does it bug the bejeebers out of you all then when you saved the guy in the first cave in Titian Quest he just stood there! Everybody knows that when you save a guy he's supposed to run off and fade out of sight. Obviously he can't do that, he needs stay put for the next player. Anywho, I've strayed off topic, so I shut up now.
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