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June 22nd, 2007, 06:58
Just for the sake of trivia, the next Wasteland game would have been Wasteland 3 if EA had its way back in 1990 when Fountain of Dreams was released. For marketing purposes (read: $) some execs at EA wanted it to be Wasteland 2.

Moby Games explains it well:

Although the programmers of Wasteland broke off from Electronic Arts to form Interplay, EA still retained the copyright for Wasteland. They tried to capitalize on the success of Wasteland by releasing their own post-apocalyptic game Fountain of Dreams, but fell short of gamer's expectations.

Meantime, exists in an almost completed form but was never released due to the EA copyright, and now the code is so old it probably wouldn't be economical to rewrite it for MS-DOS.

Interplay did however release their own unofficial follow-up to Wasteland in the form of Fallout, which many feel remains true to the original spirit of Wasteland.
I personally loved Fountain of Dreams. It came out before the internet as we know it existed and my friends and I were thrilled that it was so similar to Wasteland in look and gameplay. We did not know, or care, about the corporate power plays going on.

PS Meantime was to be the true sequel to Wasteland.
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