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June 22nd, 2007, 11:38
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I'm a little sketchy on the whole relationship between Goners and Argons. Apparently Goners are humans that got trapped in X universe? They look the same as Argons? Do I have it all wrong?

And when I started the game, Julian (your character) is listed as a human… which is still confusing me since you are in Argonian space, but yet you aren't a Goner….
In the X-universe humanity colonised the galaxy with the aid of a robotic teraforming fleet. The fleet achieved sentience and rebelled against mankind becoming the Xenons; during the resulting war a group of humans led the Xenon fleet through a jump gate collapsing it behind them. This event trapped the humans and Xenon in the portion of the universe where the X games take place. The Argon are the descendents of those humans, the Goners are an Argon religious sect that regard the lost and largely forgotten Earth as sacred.

The first game starts when Kyle Brennan, an Earth fleet test pilot, becomes trapped in the same region of the galaxy as the Argon due to a malfunction in his experimental ship’s jump-drive. At this point Brennan’s ship is the only one in the universe with a jump drive (albeit a broken one), interstellar travel is otherwise limited to jump gates, which themselves are the remains of ancient alien technology. None of the extant x-universe species can create jump gates. Later in the series the Goners are able to replicate short-range jump drives by reverse engineering the engine from Brennan’s ship.

Ultimately Kyle unites the fractious alien species to save the universe from the Xenon, yada-yada, usual stuff. X2 take place a couple of decades after these events. Julian Brennan is Kyle’s son; so he’s half Earthling half Argon. The Kha’ak replace the Xenons as the main bad guys and Kyle, together with his plucky band of clichés, is instrumental in destroying a Kha’ak fleet.
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